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i know you can't believe everything you read, especially on the internet, but i stumbled onto a website a little while ago saying that d'arcy had a nose job and possible other plasic surgeries. does ne one know if this is true?
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i hope it's not
i'm almost sure she had a nose job. but not anything else.
she had a couple done on her nose and collagen lip injections before the arising! check out some of those pictures and the scary scary one with mickey rourke darcywretzky.org should have them
I've heard she's gotten lip injections and a nose job, and the photos I've seen of her during the time she got the lip injections sure make it seem as if the rumors are true. I also think her nose does look a bit different than it used to. So I'd say the rumors are true.

Also, I see you're using an icon I made but not crediting me. I don't want to be annoying/mean, but do you think you could? I'd like to get credit for my work. Thanks. :)